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Saturday, February 19, 2011

And the winner is... BSU GREEK LIFE!!

Hey hey!

It's hard to believe it is Saturday night already and we will be heading home to the Bridge tomorrow. Wow, what an adventure this week has been. This mornings session on modern day fraternalism and our history was a good reality check and start to our last day, thinking about potential is a good way to describe how we may proceed. We have the potential to choose how our fraternal future plays out.

The Affiliation lunch is always a favorite. I love that Gamma Phi Beta's from the Northeast could sit together and chat. As a volunteer leader for Gamma Phi it is great to put faces and individuals to chapters. I met some of Lina's collegiate women from Delta Mu and Epsilon Epsilon (shout out to my Rutgers & Union Gamma Phi's!!)

The afternoon led me to meet with our NPC Area Advisor Lynn. It was nice because there were only 3 schools at our meeting: UMASS Amherst and Fitchburg State so it was a good opportunity to meet with other Greek Advisors from the great Commonwealth of MA :) After our meeting the students returned to Educational sessions and I went to our Regional Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors (AFA) meeting. My homeskillet Cat Sohor from MIT is our new Area Director so she did a fabulous job. (Go Penguins!!!)

After the Ed sessions concluded we went upstairs to class it up a notch for the NGLA Awards Banquet. This time last year we watched other campuses collect awards and the students vowed "that will be us next year" and they followed through on that. Aubree and Lexipants submitted several nominations on the community's behalf. We had tables reserved for us so I didn't have to worry about doing the mad dash in to get us tables. I may have scarfed down my dinner in hopes it would make the awards part happen sooner... anyway.. now to the good stuff!!

SOOO I am so excited to share that we recieved 2 Honorable Mentions and won 1 award!!! Here's on what:

Impact Award Honorable Award for Recruitment (Panhellenic Pancake Breakfast)
Impact Award Honorable Award for Multicultural/Diversity (Coming out Greek)
Impact Award WINNER for Risk Management (Rachel's Challenge- Sigma Pi/Greek Week)

It has been an amazing year in BSU fraternity & sorority life and I am so proud of the students who step up and challenge their peers and the behaviors of our community to help create positive change!! 3 years ago we brought 3 students to NGLA, last year we brought 6, and this year 13 students were able to have this opportunity to better themselves and our fraternal community.

We ended the night with the traditional pajama jammy jam!!! Ali, Sarah, and Diana all won with their fantastic pj choices! We had a great game of taboo, last year banana grams was the big winner... this year it was team taboo!! We had Men (Team Moonwalking Bears) V Women (Team Audacious)... the men won (congrats to them) but it was quite entertaining to see how anxious friends get when yelling out answers.. (aubree...)

so it has been an experience to remember and i can only hope that this weekend has helped us move another step closer to where we want to be as a fraternity & sorority community. I think BSU Greeks do amazing things every day on campus and I hope we can continue to provide opportunities to make men better men and women better women.

Time for this Bear to get in some hibernation time... tomorrow Mb Vs 15 Passenger Van part duex...

Much BSU Greek Life & NGLA AWARD WINNING love,